DIY Project
Add a Leaning Post to your Kayak

Native Slayer 13 Propel


A Leaning Post can be a great addition to your Kayak.


  • Improved fishing visibilty over shallow water.
  • Improved stability when standing and casting.
  • Additional storage area for rod holders and other accesories.
  • Ease of getting on and off your Kayak whether from the beach, boat or dock.

This DIY project is only one solution for an easy, inexpensive way to add a Leaning post to your Kayak. 


Installation of a Leaning Post from re-purposed medical Walker 
  I found a used Walker at one of the second-hand shops.

For my purposes, I found a standard medical Walker was a perfect fit for my Native Slayer 13 .

Cost: $10 used
New: $35 - $60

The adjustable extension legs
can be removed, if not needed.

If Walker has wheels, they can be removed. 
Place the Walker on Kayak to see how it fits. 

On my Native Slayer 13, the length and width (approxmately 20") of the Walker were a good fit to the slide tracks. No cutting or adjustments were required.

Each Walker and Kayak may be different.
Minor width adjustments can be made on the Walker by removing the set screws, if required and resetting.

The Walker can be reversed to use the horizontal cross bar as a leaning post or a new cross bar be installed.
The Native 10 and other models may not
have front tracks. You may need to add tracks or install a permanent attachment for the front legs of the Walker to the Kayak.

Bimini Top Hinges

These will fitted to legs. These will be used to attach front & back legs to the Kayak.

Based on how you wish to attach the Walker to your Kayak, Additional parts may be required.

PVC pipe or aluminum pipe - 2 6" pieces
* The diameter is determined by the size of the Walker legs and will be inserted inside the legs to attach the bimini connections.
  Bimini Eye End (internal)

The Eye End will be used to attach the
front legs to the front hinge.

The ends will be secured with a set screw
in the final placement of the Walker.

* Bimini Eye Ends are available at any
marine store. Cost $5 a set 
The Bimini Deck Hinge can now be attached to the slide. 
  I used the hinge to allow the Walker to be
folded forward, if needed.

* Separate hinges can be installed on the
front and back tracks.

The hinge could be attached directly to the Kayak, if needed.
 The pipe, that was extended from the legs, can now be inserted into the rear Scotty mounts.
The Scotty mounts can be adjusted to fit the Walker. 
In this example, I used a hinge on back legs and release pin for easy removal of Walker Leaning Post.
 Walker can now be set in place and adjusted, as needed.

Walker legs can be set in place and set screws installed

  The Walker does not interfere with the use
of the Propel drive in either position.

The Walker, when installed, does not to interfere with Propel, peddling, paddling or casting.

Walker folded for storage
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