COVID-19 Boating Instructions

DNR Announcement

DNR Announcement

DNR Announcement



From DNR: Effective Thursday, May 7, at 7 a.m,  fishing activities, including catch-and-release, are allowed, however:

  • When fishing from a boat, one      must be with immediate family members or people with which they reside.
    • No more than 10 people may be       on a boat at one time, including captain and crew.
  • When fishing from onshore or at      a pier, social distancing guidelines must be followed.
    • DNR fishing piers will reopen       immediately. 
  • Fishing tournaments remain      prohibited at this time.
  • All normal rules and regulations      regarding fishing are in effect and must be followed, including creel      limits, gear restrictions, and seasons..

Upon Arrival

DNR Announcement

DNR Announcement



Please notify Capt. of any medical conditions

(It is recommended that anyone with fever, sniffles, coughing not be allowed on boat)

  • · Please sanitize your hands upon arrival
    (Wash and sanitizer will be available onboard)
  • · It is recommended to wear a face mask or covering
    (Please provide your own face mas

Upon Departure

DNR Announcement

Upon Departure



Pay your balance
(Cash or Credit Cards accepted)

  • · Please collect all your belongings
  • · Please wash and sanitize your hands

Have a great day and drive safely

Capt. Frank Tuma

About Covid-19 for Boaters




Marylander's are reminded that the  governor’s Stay  at Home directive to reduce  COVID-19 transmission remains in place, and recreational fishing and boating are currently  prohibited.

Fishing for sustenance is allowed, which means  anglers must catch and keep any legal fish and should return home as quickly as  possible after doing so. Under those guidelines, trophy-sized  striped bass may be targeted in the Chesapeake Bay from May 1 through May 15  with a limit of one fish per person, with a 35-inch minimum size limit. 

All  conservation regulations for this season can be viewed  on the Maryland  Department of Natural Resources website.


Charter Boat Restrictions

Charter boats and commercial  fishermen, which are regulated as part of the food supply chain, can continue  operating but must abide by social distancing guidelines and may not have more  than 10 individuals (including captain and crew) on the vessel at any time.  Following U.S. Coast Guard guidelines, the department recommends charter boat  operators consider implementing additional safety protocols such as regular  disinfecting of surfaces and using personal protective equipment. 

Maryland Natural Resources Police will  be on patrol to assure these rules and guidelines are being followed.  


Face masks

Insist customers getting onbard wear a facemask,

Its preferable to have face masks available for customers before coming onboard.


DIY - Face Masks

Easy DIY to build your own Face masks

Supplies required: 

  • Painters tape
  • Coffee filters

Important - Keep onboard for use if customers do not come prepared.

Fold Filter in half and attach and about 12" of tape to each side of filter.
Allow customer to attach mask over nose and mouth for proper protection. 

Alternate option : Punch hole in each side of filter and loop over head or ears
Attach bungy cord into hole.

 Mask can now be placed over the head for proper fit.


Alternative options available

Easy DIY to build your own Face masks
Locate an old crab shell.

Loop rubber bands around each point .

 Mask can now be placed over the head for proper fit.


Clean Your area

Have available hand sanitizer for personal use and bleach for cleaning the boat. 


Wash and sanitize your hands

Caution should be used with hand sanitizer.

Instructional Videos

Be sure to Follow the Rules

Very clear

DIY - Easy Face Mask Tutorial

Yes you can.


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