Planner Boards

Planer Boards

Looking to build your own set of planner Boards?

These plans and ideas are meant only as a reference. Each set I have made seem to have its own quirks and dimensions.  Have fun and enjoy.

This is one type that has been used for over 10years . 

Good luck 


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Planer Boards for the Chesapeake


 All Planer Boards are not Equal

 Anglers with small boats have not been able to compete with larger vessels pulling PLANER BOARDS. Things Have Changed. Over the last several years Planer boards have emerged as one of the foremost components for catching fish in the Chesapeake Bay. When used properly, they have many advantages. Most anglers perceive them to be cumbersome and only workable on larger boats. This theory is no longer true.  

Rigging Planer Boards


Setup properly, Planer Boards are can easy to use and very effective, especially for Trophy Stripers that enter the Bay during the spring migration. The design of Boards can vary. Boards are designed to run as close to parallel to the boat when trolling. In the Bay our trolling speed is generally 2 -3 knots. The further back behind the boat, the less effective they are. The higher the speed the more pull they will have. Size of the board makes a big difference. 2 board or 3 board models, 6 “ , 10” 12” Board depth all cause the boards to run deeper in the water, causing more resistance that maintains the tension on the Board retainer liner. 

Attaching to Boat


Boards should be to the boat at the highest point. 

Boats with T-Tops or hard tops have an advantage. The Board line will have a bow and may drag the water when out any distance.  Without a t-top there are planer board poles that serve to raise the level of the board attachment

Generally you want the boards to run safely at 75 to 125 feet from the boat and be able to troll 2 to 5 lines per board

Trolling with planer boards


 Trolling with Boards Boards are used to target fish that are in the top 25 ft of the water column. They are not designed for running deep lines. Generally trolling in the Bay consists of using Umbrella rigs with Parachutes. Bucktail rigs and double rigged rubber lures, Tsunami’s, Storms etc. These all work well with Boards and should not require any weight. Spoons can be used on Boards, but due to spoon design, tangles may occur if mixed with other lures.. When attached to the Boards, my trolling rigs are about 20 feet apart and start at about 40-50 feet from the boat. Always work your lines from the outside in. The rods farthest out go in your top position in the rod holders. 



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  • I use a wire reel to hold planer board line when not in use. Old open face reels work well to store line and keep from getting tangled when retrieving line
  • Weed Wacker line (.105 or larger) works great for running line. Reel is not used for retrieving running line, only for storage. I use 75 to 125 foot on each side with boards running out to about 100-125 foot with bow in line. 
  • Planer line MUST run to top or highest point on boat and out to Planer 


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