Chumming for Stripers

Chumming for Chesapeake Stripers


 Fishing with light tackle and chumming offers the opportunity to catch fish of all sizes without heavy trolling gear, learning tackle handling techniques  or extended trolling time.

One of the most effective ways to fish for striped bass is by chumming with cut  bait and chum to attract fish. 

Chum is simply ground fish made into a slurry and chunks used to attract fish.

Chumming allows light tackle fishing easy for the novice fisherman who wants to enjoy Striper fishing without using heavier trolling rigs or hours of learning jigging techniques.

Location and tide current  is critical to successful to chumming in the Chesapeake. 

Chumming the Chesapeake is generally done in shallow water from 15’ to 35’. Locating and fishing the many ledges or structure is best for setting up your chum slick.

Try to anchor up tide where your chum will flow down tide to where the fish will be drawn to your boat.

Your  chum slick should travel several hundred yards behind your boat.

Try to keep unwanted boaters from traveling through your slick. This critical to not disrupt the slick.

Try to disperse the chum into the water so the stream of  chum or cut bait falls directly into your set lines. 

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Cut chunks and ground chum


 Keeping your bait fresh is best. 

Change baits every 20-30 minutes or when washed out. Old baits can be used for chumming.

Do your best to drop your hook/ bait in a manner that follows or is in  the chum slick.

The fish can be located high in the slick or in the bottom. Try different weights and distances in the slick to see where they are feeding. Many times the fish will be located in close or out at the end of the slick.

After fish start to bite, it is important to keeping the chum going so the school stays under or near  your boat! 

Cut chunks are easy and good to bait and also add to your chum slick. Ground chum gives a better and steady flow of chum. The chum slick is best done with a grinder creating slurry of liquid and small chunks.

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Keep a steady Chum slick

Keep the chum consistent without breaks in the chum slick.  Try to disperse  the chum into the water so the stream of chum falls directly into your set of lines. 

Do your best to drop your hooked bait in a manner that mixes or is close to the chum slick. 

Do not over feed the slick. You don't want to feed the fish, just get them hungry enough to find your baits. 


  • Location and tide flow is critical
  • Steady stream of chum keeps the fishing coming
  • A small stream of steady chum will improve your catch
  • Once your chum slick is setup, give it plenty of time to bring in the fish. 

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Tackle Setup


Chumming can be a family affair

 Light tackle chumming gives you the opportunity to enjoy the fishing experience without trolling or jigging .

Just plain enjoying the day fishing.

Fresh chum catches more fish

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